Indiana state law:
Any wild animal that is relocated in Indiana has to be relocated within the county of capture but only with permission

from the land owner or tenant.

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Raccoon Removal Service

mention the odor from the raccoondroppings and the raccoon urine. Don't worry because we have a special raccoon chimney trap in our arsenal. They are are also a host to several raccoon parasites and raccoon  diseases that can spread to people and pets. Attic raccoons and crawlspace raccoons can cause several thousands of dollars in damage fairly quick. They can damage wiring, ductwork, insulation, and anything else they come into contact with. Select Insurance companies will pay for this damage. Once the animals are removed and the entry point is repaired we send in our cleanup crew to remove, inspect, and replace damaged items, spray a disinfectant / odor control / cleaning agent and blow in all new insulation. This will save you thousands of dollars in heating and cooling costs as most attics are under insulated anyway. If you are looking for a raccoon removal company, look no further. Raccoon trapping is second nature to us. We have been trapping raccoons since 1974. It is illegal to poison raccoons. The best way to solve most raccoon issues is with a raccoon trap. We make our own raccoon bait so eliminating raccoons is no problem for us. We have trapped and removed thousands of raccoons in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. If you're having a raccoon problem, give us a call for your free phone estimate. 

Raccoons  are distinctively marked across the eyes with a black mask, and have a bushy tail with alternating rings of light and dark fur. Raccoons are primarily nocturnal and usually spend daylight hours sleep. If you see a raccoon in daylight hours, it is probably a female with a litter or a diseased animal. Raccoons are the number one carrier of canine distemper in Indiana. Raccoons are opportunistic. They will eat a variety of plant and animal foods. Mating occurs from December through May and the male takes no part in raising the litter. The gestation period is 62 days with an average of four per litter. Raccoon removal is our specialty. Chimney raccoons can cause a flea infestation within the home,  not to 

Raccoon Removal in Indianapolis, IN

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