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Admiral Wildlife Services is a family owned and operated full-time wildlife control company that does not do bugs. We are members of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association, the Indiana State trappers Association, and are DNR licensed and fully insured.

Since the mid-1970’s, we have been obsessed with the art of capturing wild animals. We have spent thousands of dollars on equipment, videos, books, baits, lures, training seminars, professional instruction, traps and specialty traps, making our own baits and lures, work trucks, work clothes, Insurance, etc.

​In 2004, we decided to turn our passion into a wildlife removal business. Every year we get busier and busier with thousands of satisfied customers to our credit. It is a very rewarding job as we benefit daily by protecting people, property, and pets from wild animals, the diseases they carry, and the destruction they cause. We have thousands of hours in the field removing wild animals. We specialize in one on one communication with our customers. We are very passionate about our work and have become experts at solving wildlife problems. We do not contract out any of our work. Contracting out work just adds to the total price you pay and most of the time the quality of work just isn’t there. Our specialty is solving animal problems. We have partnered with a local well respected restoration company that is great at working with insurance companies on our raccoon and bat projects. We always have a copy of our up to date insurance policy with us so you can see it. We are regulated and licensed through the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Currently, it takes 32 hours of continuous education every four years to keep our license. Give us a call and we will talk about your current problem. We have removed thousands of animals from the Indianapolis and surrounding areas and have thousands of satisfied customers to our credit. Call now for your free phone estimate