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It goes without saying that rodents are a dirty, undesirable nuisance. They build unsightly nests, chew holes in clothing and paper, burrow in furniture, and damage property. However, most people don’t want to address their rodent problem with harmful chemicals. Fortunately, rat poison is not your only option.​​ At Admiral Wildlife Services, we offer rodent removal services in Indianapolis, IN.

Our methods do not pose a risk to children, pets, or other animals on the property. We won’t leave dead mice or rats on the property, and you won’t have to worry about distasteful odors.

Our Rodent Removal Services Are Effective. Instead of poisoning the rodents, we will capture the creatures and remove them from the property. First, we’ll visit your home to perform an evaluation. Once we have identified the three most common rodent-entry locations, we will repair them. Finally, we will set between 10 and 15 traps to eliminate the problem and leave your home rodent-free.

​​We Also Offer Preventative Services. If your home qualifies, we can also perform rodent prevention services. Mice and rats carry harmful diseases—the most common being salmonellosis. Plus, rodents are capable of reproducing at a rapid rate. What starts as a small problem can quickly become a large hazard.

​Avoid this scenario entirely by calling for our preventative services. We can equip your home with a special material that the rodents will be unable to chew through.

​Rodent Removal Has Never Been Easier. Unfortunately, a rodent infestation can pop up anywhere. You may find them in your attic, kitchen, garage, crawlspace, or walls.

​The good news is that you don’t need to expose your home to harmful chemicals to eradicate the problem. Simply give our team in Indianapolis, IN a call and we’ll remove the mice and rats quickly. We have been providing critter control since 2004. Reach us at 317-902-6220. We are happy to provide a free phone estimate for the services you need.


“We had a mouse problem and were tired of having to smell the dead mice for two weeks after they ate the poison our pest company had put out for them. Admiral Wildlife Services found an opening the mice were using and repaired it. They set several traps and caught the mice quickly. We will never poison mice again and will be calling Kirk back to set traps if we have another mouse issue. Thanks again.”
– Sheila W., Indianapolis

“I had a mouse problem in my kitchen that quickly turned into several. I thought I could handle the problem myself but realized I was in over my head. Admiral Wildlife Services came out, set several traps, and the mice were gone. What a relief”
– Gwen B, Fishers

“Mice make a lot more noise than we thought. We thought we had a larger animal in out attic but after Admiral Wildlife Services was done they proved our attic was infested with mice. We will definitely use them again if we need to.”
– Jeff B., Fishers