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Let’s face it…bats get a bad rap. They’re actually great for the ecosystem, and are natural pest control champs, with one bat able to eat up to 1,300 flying insects per night! But they’re not so good for the inside of your home.

Whether you’re in a panic because you have a single bat in the house, or because you suspect a colony of bats may be hiding in your attic, chimney or other parts of your home or business, Admiral Wildlife Services can help. We specialize in identifying bat problems and providing safe bat removal from your home or property.

Admiral Wildlife Services LLC Provides Safe, Expert Bat Removal

In recent years, shrinking natural bat habitats have forced bats to move into many homes and businesses, endangering the health of people and their pets. And unfortunately, bat colonies bring with them the risk of bat rabies, histoplasmosis, property damage, and bat mites. Admiral Wildlife Services can help, offering:

Expert Identification:  Identification of bat infestations and bat entry points requires experience. We’ve been providing expert bat services to Indianapolis area residents and business owners since 2004.

Safe, Reliable Bat Removal Methods: Bats are a protected species, and must be removed with care. We use safe and approved methods and exclusion devices to effectively evict bats from your home or commercial property.

Quality Repairs: Effective bat removal involves locating and sealing secondary entry points first, then evicting the bats from the main entry/exit and finally, repairing the main entry area to help prevent future infestations. Admiral Wildlife Services can provide expert repair to existing entry points and perform the work needed to deter bats from entering your home again.

Bat Removal is Only the First Step

Bats in the attic means bat guano and bat damage in the attic. After we perform bat removal and entry damage repair (if requested), our expert cleanup crew can:

  • Provide safe removal of bat droppings, or guano
  • Remove, inspect, and replace damaged items
  • Spray a disinfectant / odor control / cleaning agent
  • Install new insulation if needed

We can even provide advice on working with your insurance company. Many policies provide coverage for bat removal, bat guano removal, and the removal and replacement of soiled insulation.

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Bat removal and restoration is a complex process. Since 2004, Admiral Wildlife Services has provided critter control and has evicted thousands of bats from residential and commercial properties in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

If you have a bat problem and need a professional solution, contact us at 317-902-6220 for your free phone estimate today.


“We had about 80 bats in our attic that had left lots of guano scattered throughout. Admiral Wildlife Services humanely evicted the bats and then worked with our insurance company to remove all the guano and soiled insulation. After they blew back in the new insulation we began to notice huge savings in our heating and cooling bill, Thank you Kirk.”
– Shawna P., Indianapolis

“If you have bats in your attic, Admiral Wildlife Services will get them out. We noticed several bats leaving a vent on our house just before dark. Kirk came out, sealed our entire home, and let them leave out attic unharmed. he then repaired the vent and the bats were gone. I give Admiral Wildlife Services an A+ great job.”
– Joe H., Fishers

“Woke up one night with a bat flying around our bedroom. Admiral Wildlife Services was able to locate and remove the bat the next morning. Kirk then inspected our attic and determined we had several bats. The bat eviction was well worth the money.”
–  James V., Greenwood