Bat Removal

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Have you heard scratching noises in your attic or walls after dark? Do you catch a whiff of ammonia but cannot locate the source? You may have a bat infestation. Their maternal colonies will grow in number every year. While some Indiana bats fly to the southern portions of the state to hibernate in caves, many colonies remain in attics year-round. Bat eviction and restoration is a complex process. If you are in need of expert bat removal services, look no further than Admiral Wildlife Services.

After we have evicted the bats, we ensure that all bat droppings, or guano, are removed. Next, we spray a disinfectant and odor control before installing new insulation.Since 2004, we have evicted thousands of bats from residential and commercial properties in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. If you have a bat problem and need a professional solution, contact us.

Poisoning bats is illegal and supposed repellants are not effective. Most bat evictions we perform are due to attic bats. If there happens to be a female nursing colony of bats in your attic, their number will grow by approximately one and a half every year. It can be very labor intensive to eliminate bats in this scenario. Select insurance companies will pay for the eviction and the removal of the bat guano along with any soiled insulation that needs to be removed and replaced.

Bats are very beneficial for the ecosystem. One bat can eat up to 1,300 flying insects per night. Unfortunately, bats have lost much of their habitat and have moved into many homes and businesses throughout the nation, endangering the lives of many people and their pets. They bring with them the risk of bat rabies, histoplasmosis, property damage, and bat mites.


“We had about 80 bats in our attic that had left lots of guano scattered throughout. Admiral Wildlife Services humanely evicted the bats and then worked with our insurance company to remove all the guano and soiled insulation. After they blew back in the new insulation we began to notice huge savings in our heating and cooling bill, Thank you Kirk.”
– Shawna P., Indianapolis

“If you have bats in your attic, Admiral Wildlife Services will get them out. We noticed several bats leaving a vent on our house just before dark. Kirk came out, sealed our entire home, and let them leave out attic unharmed. he then repaired the vent and the bats were gone. I give Admiral Wildlife Services an A+ great job.”
– Joe H., Fishers

“Woke up one night with a bat flying around our bedroom. Admiral Wildlife Services was able to locate and remove the bat the next morning. Kirk then inspected our attic and determined we had several bats. The bat eviction was well worth the money.”
–  James V., Greenwood