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​Muskrats have long, dark, reddish brown fur on the upper parts of the body and short silver tipped fur underneath. They weigh about 3 pounds and have bead like eyes. The tail, which is flattened on the sides, serves as a rudder. Muskrats are present throughout the state of Indiana in retention ponds, creeks, rivers, lakes, etc.

Their constant burrowing in the side of banks creates big erosion problems. They have been known to cause complete damn failure. Two or three litters may be produced each year and will average 4 to 8 in a litter, 28 days after mating. If you are looking for muskrat removal company, look no further.

We have been trapping muskrats since 1974, so eliminating muskrats is no problem for us. It is illegal to poison muskrats. The poison can be eaten by any animal that comes across it then it could die a slow and miserable death. The best way to solve any muskrat problem is with a muskrat trap. Our trapping methods are safe for children, pets, geese, etc. With the way we set most of our traps, there is no need for muskrat bait.

Most the time we get called to a muskrat infestation it is because of muskrats chewing fountain wiring. There will most likely be several muskrats involved so until the animals are removed, there is no need to have an electrician repair or replace the muskrat damage.

We also get several calls a year due to muskrats eroding shorelines. We have trapped hundreds of muskrats in the state of Indiana. If you are having problems with muskrats eating cattails, muskrats in a window well, or muskrats eroding dams. We have been providing critter control since 2004. Give us a call for your free phone estimate.


“Admiral Wildlife Services has been taking care of our muskrat problems for several years now. The muskrats cause lots of erosion problems if they are not stopped. True professionals. I highly recommend them.”
– Scott H., Indianapolis 

“Whenever a muskrat gets into our pond and chews our wiring to our fountain we know we are going to call Admiral Wildlife Services. This company is for real.”
– Susan C., Fishers

“When we went to hire a muskrat removal company we did not hesitate in hiring Admiral Wildlife Services. We really like paying a flat fee for muskrat removal versus a setup fee and then another fee for every muskrat trapped. This company is very professional and reliable.”
– Judy S., Greenwood