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Groundhogs, also known as wood chucks or whistle pigs, are grayish brown in color, weigh about 10 pounds, and are about 2 feet in length. They are a member of the rodent family and their teeth are constantly growing. In order for them to keep their teeth in check, they have to gnaw on things.

If they didn’t knaw on things, their teeth would get so large, they would starve to death. Groundhogs are true hibernators. Groundhog boroughs can have many entrances with a length of 45 feet and 5 feet deep. Groundhogs are primarily herbivores grazing on grasses, dandelions, garden vegetables, flowers and a variety of herbs. Female groundhogs will have about three babies in the spring or early summer of the year. Their relentless burrowing can cause severe damage to mini barns, garages and the foundations of homes.

If you are looking for a groundhog removal company, look no further. groundhog trapping is second nature to us. It is illegal to poison groundhogs in the state of Indiana. The poison is often eaten by a neighborhood dog or cat which could end up dying a slow and miserable death. The best way to solve any groundhog issue is with a groundhog trap. Most of time, there is no need for groundhog bait in order for us to eliminate groundhogs. Sometimes we just need to wait on them to come back from their 10 to 12 day cycle.

The worst and most costly groundhog damage I have seen has been to foundations of homes. I have seen garage and barn concrete floors collapse due to groundhog tunneling. We were called to a used car lot a few times because of the groundhogs chewing wiring. We have trapped hundreds of groundhogs in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas and have been providing critter control since 2004. If you are having a groundhog problem, give us a call for your free phone estimate.​


“Groundhogs cost me thousands of dollars in damages. I had a groundhog burrowing up under my concrete slab in in my garage and I didn’t know it until my floor collapsed from the weight of my truck. Admiral Wildlife Services trapped the groundhogs quickly but damage was still done. I am constantly inspecting for new tunneling and so far, so good. This company did a great job.”
– Michael F., Indianapolis

“We had groundhogs that had dug up under our foundation and had made it to the crawlspace. Thankfully Admiral Wildlife Services trapped both of them within forty-eight hours and the damage was stopped. The foundation company charged us another five hundred dollars and said it could have been a lot worse. Thank you, Admiral Wildlife Services!”
– Belinda S., Greenwood

“There was a groundhog that had accessed our new patio floor from up under our deck. It caused a section to drop about a foot. Admiral Wildlife Services trapped the animal within the hour. Great service!”
– Marty P., Indianapolis