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Have raised tunnels and mounded soil started to appear around your yard? These are sure signs of a mole infestation. Luckily, trapping moles is one of our many skill sets. While poisoning moles is legal, we prefer to use human live traps to relocate the animals. While other animals are unlikely to eat a mole corpse due to its musky scent and taste, the limited amount of poisons available and slight risk to other creatures can be avoided with simple traps. Our expert setting of traps on top of tunnelling and near mound entries is effective and helps you save money from the numerous scams and gimmicks that are online and in stores. Contact us to remove these pests from your yard.

Measuring roughly five inches long, moles have grayish brown fur, needle-like teeth, flattened feet, and hidden ears. Moles have specialized organs at the root of their hair that allows them feel vibrations in the ground of potential prey. They are not rodents, instead belonging to a group of mammals known as insectivores.

Moles primarily feed on earthworms, which makes discouraging them difficult – controlling insects and grubs doesn’t cut down on their food supply. They mate in February and March and typically deliver a litter for four pups roughly six weeks after mating. A family of moles can cause significant damage to lawns, swimming pool liners, and landscaping elements that can quickly add up to thousands of dollars of damage. We can help with your mole problem and reduce risk for that high-cost damage.


“There was a mole destroying our yard and we tried everything to get rid of it. We finally called Admiral Wildlife Services to get the job done. The mole was in the trap within a couple hours and the damage was stopped. Thanks to the pros at A.W.S.!”
– Daniel A., Indianapolis

“We purchased several items over the internet that claimed to get rid of the moles. After several scams, we called Admiral Wildlife Services to trap and remove the two moles that were reaping havoc on our yard. Both moles were caught quickly and we began to repair our yard. We will call this company back if we need to.”
– Rhonda Z., Greenwood

“I battled moles in my yard for years till my friend told me about Admiral Wildlife Services. This guy is a true professional and I will be using his services again if I get more moles.”
– Janet C. Indianapolis