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The adult possum weighs about 7 pounds and has an elongated, whitish head. It’s eyes are black and his tail is naked and scaly. Their body appears grayish from a distance. Its feet are hand like and they are excellent climbers. The skull of the possum belies its ancient lineage because of its 50 teeth, the most of any Indiana mammal.

The possum is Indiana’s most ancient mammal and its ancestors walked in the shadow of dinosaurs. Possums are marsupials. Mating season begins in February with about a 19 day gestation period. The babies leave the birth canal and crawl to the females pouch. A female possum has 13 tits and can produce two litters per year. A possum will eat nearly anything and have been the unwanted guests in many crawlspaces throughout the state.
Crawlspace possums are the most common but sometimes we run into attic possums. If you are looking for a possum removal company, look no further. Possum trapping is second nature to us. It is illegal to poison possums. The poison is often ingested by a neighborhood dog or cat and then they end up dying a slow, miserable death. Possums are unique in many ways. Their low body temperature prevents many possum diseases and viruses from affecting them. The best way to solve most possum issues is with a possum trap. We make all of our own possum bait, so eliminating possums is simple for us. Once the possum is removed, it is time to repair the entry point. The last step is to clean up the possum droppings and repair any possum damage that may have occurred. Since the mid-1970s, we have trapped hundreds of possums in the state of Indiana and have been providing critter removal as a business since 2004. If you’re having a possum problem call 902-6220 for your free phone estimate.


“An possum had entered my crawlspace and made its way into my bathroom. After Admiral Wildlife Services inspected my home they determined someone had left my crawlspace door open. The animal was in the trap the next morning because it went back down into the crawl. Thanks Again Kirk!”
– Jessica N., Indianapolis

“There was an possum in our attic that was creating a racket and destroying our insulation. Admiral Wildlife Services inspected the home, located the opening and set the trap for the animal. The possum was in the trap the next day and they repaired the hole. We were very happy with the company.”
– Raymond P., Greenwood

“We had an possum living under our deck that would come at our dogs when we let them out. We didn’t want our dogs to get bit or have a vet bill. Admiral Wildlife Services came out and set a trap. The possum was caught the next morning and we had our yard back.”
– Angie K., Indianapolis