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The most common squirrel we remove from homes in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas are fox squirrels. Their upper body parts are a grizzled black, brown, and Orange combination while their lower body parts are brown in color. Even though they are often seen on the ground, they are excellent climbers and can easily enter your attic.

They are most active during daylight hours. Mating begins in January and again in mid to late summer if well nourished. Their gestation period is 28 days with an average of three per litter. Squirrels are known to cache food supplies in attics or crawlspaces which they will eat later or become a food source for mice. Squirrels are rodents whose teeth are constantly growing.In order for them to keep their teeth in check, they are forced to chew on wood, wiring, and other materials. Insurance companies state that approximately 30% of house fires are due to rodents. Squirrels in chimneys have almost always fell down where they are stuck and cannot get out. There are a couple different ways to solve this squirrel problem but you have to be careful the animal doesn’t get loose in your house. If you are looking for a squirrel removal company, look no further. Squirrel trapping is second nature to us. It is illegal to poison squirrels. Not only does the animal die a slow and miserable death but often domestic animals end up the victims. The best way to solve any squirrel issue is with a squirrel trap. We make all our own squirrel bait so a eliminating squirrels is no problem for us. Once the squirrel is removed, it is time to repair the entry point so you won’t have to worry about it again. The last step is to clean up any squirrel droppings and repair any squirrel damage that may have occurred. We have trapped thousands of squirrels in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas and have been providing critter removal since 2004. Call now for your free phone estimate.


“I had a fox squirrel chew a hole in the roof and down into the attic. After several unsuccessful attempts to trap the animal I called the professionals at Admiral Wildlife Services and they made short work of it.”
– Paul S., Indianapolis

“There was a piney squirrel that had entered my crawlspace and had chewed on several wires, Admiral Wildlife Services inspected the home and identified two openings. After trapping the squirrel, they repaired both openings and the problem was solved. I was very relieved.”
– Ms. Jackson, Greenwood

“A fox squirrel chewed a hole in my cable vent and entered my attic. It was running around in my attic making lots of noise. Admiral Wildlife Services trapped the squirrel and repaired the vent.”
– Mary B., Indianapolis