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Raccoons are cute, until they invade your home or property. Fortunately, we have years of experience identifying the signs of raccoon entry or damage to homes, and can provide safe raccoon removal for you.

Raccoons, known as the “masked bandits” of the wildlife world, are strong, clever climbers that venture out mostly at night (nocturnal). In search of shelter or food, they are skilled at getting into attics and crawlspaces, and love rummaging through the garbage. Even worse, raccoons can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home, are notorious carriers of canine distemper, rabies, and roundworm, and can also spread other infectious diseases.

Admiral Wildlife Services LLC Provides Safe, Expert Raccoon Removal

We are local, dependable wildlife removal experts offering:

Know-How: We’ve been trouble-shooting and solving wildlife problems in Indianapolis area homes and businesses since 2004, and have over 40 years of experience in trapping raccoons. You can trust our expertise.

Experience: We trap raccoons using safe, effective bait we formulate ourselves. We also utilize specialized traps for attic entry, chimneys and more.

Safety: We are skilled at safely handling raccoons and raccoon waste.

Repairs: We can provide expert repair for the damage caused by raccoons entering your home, check for other potential entry points and perform the work needed to deter them from entering your home again.

After Raccoon Removal, What’s Next?

Raccoons are destructive animals. If you’ve had raccoons in the attic or other areas of your home or business, you’ll have a mess to clean up – from urine and droppings to potential duct, wiring and insulation damage. After we perform raccoon removal and entry damage repair (if requested), our cleanup crew can:

  • Provide cleanup of raccoon waste
  • Remove, inspect, and replace damaged items
  • Spray a disinfectant / odor control / cleaning agent
  • Blow in all new insulation if needed

We can even provide advice on working with your insurance company. Many policies provide coverage for raccoon damage such as the removal and replacement of soiled or displaced insulation.

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If you suspect raccoons have invaded your home or business, call the experts at Admiral Wildlife Services. We have the expertise to safely trap and remove destructive raccoons from your property. We have been providing critter control since 2004.

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“If you have raccoons in your attic, Admiral Wildlife Services has you covered from start to finish. Kirk trapped and removed the raccoon,  repaired the opening and then began working with our insurance company to restore our attic to a condition that was better than ever. The damage was several thousand dollars but we just had to pay a five hundred dollar deductible. this company is the best.”
– Vicky M., Indianapolis

“We had a raccoon tear open our crawlspace vent and begin to destroy our crawlspace. Kirk with Admiral Wildlife Services trapped the raccoon and stopped the damage. Thanks so much Kirk. We know who to call if we ever have any wildlife issues again.”
– Toby S., Greenwood

“After having a flea infestation within our home, we realized we had a raccoon in our chimney. Admiral Wildlife Services showed up the same day we called. The raccoon was trapped overnight and they installed the chimney cap to prevent any future problems. Great service.”
– Shelly V., Fishers