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​Although there are many nuisance birds in Indiana, the one that creates the most problems for home owners and businesses is the European Starling. The starling has a glossy black plumage with greenish, purple iridescence. During their adult molt, white tips predominate on their contour feathers.

Starlings are 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 inches tall. Starlings are cavity nesters and will use a woodpecker hole, an opening in a building, or a dryer/bathroom exhaust vent to build their nest and raise their young.

Dryer vents can back up and cause fires. Histoplasmosis is a disease associated with the fungal spores of bird droppings. Pigeons in buildings can create a biohazard for anyone that comes into contact with or breathes the spores from their droppings. There are over 60 different diseases associated with pigeon droppings. Our special pigeon traps can eliminate pigeons and stop the spread of bird disease.​ We receive hundreds of bird control service calls a year. Most of the time people have a bird problem, it is bathroom exhaust birds or dryer vent birds.

A bird control company such as Admiral Wildlife Services has to be really careful when we clean out the bird nesting so we don’t end up with histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis is an infection caused by breathing in spores of a fungus often found in bat and bird crap. In order to protect ourselves, we have to wear a special respirator. Sometimes the best way to solve a bird issue is to evict birds, then install a bird guard or implement our bird prevention service. Whenever we are called to a nuisance Sparrow job, we usually set multiple bird traps. We have provided critter control and have evicted hundreds of birds and trapped hundreds of pigeons from homes and businesses in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas. If you’re having a bird problem, give us a call for your free phone estimate.


“We had a bird in our dryer vent and didn’t realize it soon enough. The nesting material in the duct caused the lint to back up and burned up the heating element in our dryer. We called Admiral Wildlife Services for some professional assistance. They cleaned out the nesting material, evicted the birds and installed a guard over the vent to prevent future entry. A very professional company.”
– Robert K., Indianapolis

“I thought I had a larger animal in my bathroom exhaust vent. After Admiral Wildlife Services inspected the exterior of our house they determined we had birds building a nest in the duct. The odor was horrible until the birds were gone and the bird guard was installed. We have recommended them several times to our friends and relatives.”
– Brenda W., Fishers

“If you are having a bird problem call Admiral Wildlife Services. They know exactly what to do.”
– Cheryl C., Greenfield